Calling all USA-based Wigan Athletic supporters!

Dear Latics supporters and friends of the Amigos,

The support given us by ESPN Soccernet this season has generously extended our readership. One of the fantastic benefits has been connecting with Wigan supporters from all corners of the world. As many of you know, one of the writers of this website lives in Boston, the other in Indonesia.

While the internet and improved television coverage of the BPL has made it a lot easier to follow Wigan Athletic from abroad than it was 10 years ago, it takes special – to use a Roberto descriptor — breed of supporter to do so. Most of our overseas fans are lucky to attend one or two matches at the DW each year, and spend hundreds of pounds in airfares and accommodation to do so. Back home, we arrive at work at the crack of dawn or stay on late in order to sneak out for the 10am or 3pm kickoffs. (Or 3am if you are Jakarta Jack!) Once at the pub, we have to fight the much larger crowds of United or Liverpool — or Boston Red Sox — supporters for a TV. The cable and internet packages that most of us pay for are comparable to the cost of a season ticket. If you can afford the new shirt in the first place, you then have to pay an extra 30 quid for shipping!

But we do it happily, because we love it.

As we prepare for a proper Wigan Athletic party this Sunday in celebration of an eighth consecutive adventure in the Premier League, we wanted to take the opportunity to
create a US-based network of Latics supporters. My brother-in-law gathers a crowd weekly at Lucky Bar in Washington, DC. My wife might as well be a club employee at the rate she converts neutral, knowledgeable American football enthusiasts into Latics supporters. My father, before moving to Indonesia, would frequently run into knowledgeable Latics supporters in New York City. We interact on Twitter and receive comments under our posts from people all over the country. As my friend Dave puts it, people in the USA are ready to jump on the Wigan Wagon!

The hope is to use our Twitter feed, Facebook page, and comment section beneath this post to bring Latics supporters together in cities around the United States for the
Sunday celebration against Wolves. Even if it’s only two or three people in the room this year, those will be one or two friends you didn’t have before. And for obvious reasons, they are likely to be blessed with distinguished taste!


1. Propose a venue to watch the Wolves match for Latics fans in your city on our Facebook Wall.

2. Direct message on Twitter @los3amigoswigan with a venue and time in your city for the Wolves match. Something like “Boston-based Latics supporters: lets meet at PJ Ryans at    9am” We will re-tweet you.

3. Post a comment beneath this post (if you are reading on Soccernet, please go to and find this post on our original site)



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