Roberto to hold dinner discussions in Boston with USA-based Wigan Amigos?

Dear Roberto,

I’d like to open this letter with an invitation for dinner with your Latics family during your stay in Boston. I am a lifelong Latics supporter, who in his childhood would fly over from Colombia — my family’s home at the time — to watch you, Isidro, and Jesus at Springfield Park. We’d stay with my grandad, who attended the very first Wigan Athletic match in 1932. He used to send my father and I a parcel full of newspaper clippings with match reports, league tables, and footnotes on the awful refereeing that cost us important points. Grandad passed away the January before our promotion to the Premier League but was immensely proud of what the club was achieving. He loved the new stadium. His deep love of the club was passed along to my father, known on our site <> as Jakarta Jack, the truest Latics supporter I know.

But the family connection does not stop there. In 2008, amid torrential rain and a lively dance floor, I married your now biggest fan — Kathleen — and in doing so, inherited my American family. Her mother, Chris, watched Latics’ first Carling Cup final against Manchester United in a bar in Tanzania. Her father jumped up and down with us like monkeys as David Unsworth’s penalty kept us up against Sheffield United. Her older brother John runs the Latics supporters club in Washington, DC. I introduced them to the DW for the 3-3 draw with Blackburn back in November. Our nephew Sammy, 4, currently supports a mysterious team called “Digham” but his baby sister Anna is frequently pictured in the royal blue and we are confident he will come around. Your American Latics family welcomes you stateside!

I think I speak for the majority of Wigan supporters when I say we are immensely proud of your personal achievements and those you have choreographed at our football club. We are proud that a club of Liverpool’s size and history is interested in hiring you for what must be an incredibly tempting prospect. But what we have witnessed in the last quarter of the season was your vision realized. The defensive solidity, midfield dominance, attacking penetration — it was a joy to watch. Stylish, brave football. Sin miedo.

Your decision to omit Mo Diame and Hugo Rodallega from the starting lineup in that final stretch has meant that — as it stands — we only face losing one key player in Victor Moses, and even that is not a done deal. This presents an opportunity to really kick on next season, rather than spend the first half of it rebuilding and reshaping the team as in the past. With few of our players involved in the Euros or Olympics, we might even start the season with a fit squad. What we just witnessed in April and May was truly spectacular, but it shouldn’t mask how fragile we still are. We are asking you to give us one more year (or two). Guide us to a season of mid-table safety, maybe even an outside chance at Europe, and then make your move.

I encourage my fellow Latics supporters to leave you a message in the comments section of this post. We all have our unique history with the club, our support and love for it, but we are united in our wish for you to stay on. It is rare to be so proud not only of the sporting achievements, but the integrity and human decency of the club’s manager.

And if you have time to meet with a Latics family during your stay in Boston, we would love to have you —

Ned & Kathleen

PS- if in fact, you are on a beach in Barbados with your wife, have fun and consider a stop on the way back!


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  1. Please stay Roberto! We currently have a settled team playing amazing football and if we keep our stability we can achieve great things next season, a couple more seasons with us along with good success in the league and maybe even a trophy win and you will go down as one of the clubs all time legends! Please stay, you’re project at Wigan isn’t complete yet!

  2. Roberto, soy de Wigan y voy a todos los partidos de Wigan con mi hija de once años.
    ( era mascota durante el partido contra Man City este. Año ). Queremos decir quédate un poco mas con nuestro club familiar para realizar mas éxitos. No es tiempo de ir sino tiempo para seguir el trabajo tan bueno aquí con tus amiguitos aquí en Wigan !!! Seguro que allí en liverpool es otra cosa….. Cosa mala!!!
    ¡Quédate que estas al principio de algo muy pero muy especial!
    Howard y Amelia…….

  3. Roberto, over the past few years I’ve become a serious Wigan fan. I was with Ned, his wife, and brother-in-law at the DW for that Blackburn draw and I really enjoyed the rematch this month. I hope that you’ll stay with Wigan through next season. I have a feeling it will be an historic year.

  4. Roberto, If the Boston offer is not tantalizing enough, young Sammy (who often reports that his team, “Digham” actually helped Wigan in the matches this weekend) has offered up his top bunk here in NYC. It comes with an early wake-up call, and it would probably be quite tight for you and your wife, but we’d all be wearing our Wigan jerseys, and Sammy is also willing to share half his bagel with you.
    Please continue your excellent work–its been a pleasure watching your team!

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