Echoes of Malky, but a point gained – Barnsley 0 Latics 0 – match reaction


They say that results are all important in football. So it could be said that Wigan Athletic supporters should be happy with the point at mid-table Barnsley. Latics played with the kind of passion and spirit that typified their rise up into the higher echelons of English football in latter years. After losing his first game 3-0, Warren Joyce had clearly instilled a backs-to-the wall mentality in his players. It was not pretty, but it got another valuable away point.

Joyce is no shrinking violet. He had the courage to leave his three front line centre forwards on the bench, with Dan Burn and Jordi Gomez totally absent. He brought back the experienced Craig Morgan, who had been marginalised by previous manager Gary Caldwell. Morgan went on to form a solid partnership with fellow veteran, Jake Buxton, as they held their own in repelling the Barnsley attacks. Morgan may not be fast, but his positioning remains as good as ever. He and Buxton were like peas from the same pod. Playing Nick Powell at centre forward and leaving out the likes of Davies, Grigg and Le Fondre certainly made a statement to us all.

But Powell went off after only 31 minutes, reportedly unwell. When Joyce replaced him with Luke Garbutt many of us wondered why would the manager replace a centre forward with a full back? Did he have any attacking intentions? Garbutt too had fallen out of favour with the previous manager. Was Joyce making a statement to say that the slate has been wiped clean and everyone starts from scratch with him? In fact, Garbutt was put into a left midfield position and was to go on to do no better or worse than most of his teammates. The reshuffle saw Yanic Wildschut move to the lone centre forward position. He was particularly lonely, although at times he could take on 3 or 4 defenders to try to salvage something.

I had surprisingly managed to get a live feed for the game, after preparing myself to listen to the audio commentary. Adam Bogdan went off injured after 58 minutes. When Jussi Jasskelainen came on the commentator told us he was a player/coach, which was a surprise to me. Has the big Finn replaced Mike Pollitt as goalkeeping coach?

When Caldwell was manager he would have close contact with Graham Barrow and the coaches during a game. But in this one Joyce seemed solitary, with the coaches in the background. The cynics might say he is waiting for them to leave. Or maybe it is just the manager’s preferred style? All will presumably be revealed in the coming weeks.

It could be said that in this case, the end justified the means. But that in itself would be a worry. The commentator had told us that Joyce had summonsed the players in for regular double training sessions. They certainly looked fit enough and did not cave in the closing minutes as has too often been the case this season. But what was worrying was the football, or lack of it.

Indeed the football was reminiscent of the days of Malky Mackay. It was more fightball than football. Moreover once again seeing a winger playing at centre forward was to further highlight those most painful of memories.

Barnsley manager Paul Heckinbottom summed up Latics’ approach by saying: “Their set-up and line-up, playing without a striker, a centre-midfielder at right midfield and the first sub is a left-back, so that shows that they came here paying us the utmost respect, trying to nullify us, which they did.

Warren Joyce has a reputation as a top coach whose teams have played skilful, entertaining football. But today it seemed like he had told his players to rip up the coaching book they had learned under Gary Caldwell and go back to basics. The possession football that the Scot had instilled in the players was barely evident today. Perhaps the manager had told his players to minimise potential errors at the back by playing the ball long when under pressure? But even that would not explain the lack of creativity and attacking intent from midfield.

Let’s hope that this is a one-off and that hoofball has not returned to Wigan.


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  1. I too managed to watch a live feed of this match. I came away very impressed with the team’s fighting spirit and their stamina. That was about it. I am fine with Joyce giving fresh chances to players, as Craig Morgan and Luke Garbutt each played well enough today, although I remain unconvinced about Nick Powell. But there was nothing else today for which Joyce deserves credit. Under Caldwell, the team was playing possession-style football that lacked cutting-edge, but which, combined with a steadily-improving defence, kept us competitive in every single league match this season. Having had two weeks to prepare for this match, Joyce threw all the progress in our play out the window. The team was set very deep in our own area, inviting Barnsley to attack us with little resistance, then hoping to hoof clear all dangers. I could maybe see playing this way at Newcastle or Brighton, but to do so at Barnsley, with all respect to them, seemed almost a piss-take, if not a downright sabotage of our club. We had nothing in attack, no striker, no creative midfielder; Wildschut and Jacobs were each very isolated, neither receiving any service whatsoever, and they struggled to create for themselves.

    Which leads me to Will Grigg. What has this man done wrong? He should be the FIRST name on the team sheet, and yet ever since welcoming his new baby, he has struggled to get ANY time on the pitch. I get that he was coming off international play, but if he can make the bench, he can make the starting eleven, and this team is CRYING OUT for a cutting edge in attack. Joyce has gone out of his way to marginalise Grigg, even saying after the fact that Grigg would not have played at Cardiff if LeFondre had been eligible. Is there an issue in training? Is there a personality conflict? Does Joyce not believe in attacking football, or in scoring goals? Did Sharpe not properly vet Joyce during the interview process about his thoughts on each of the players? I use the word “sabotage” again, because there is no excuse for Grigg to not be playing, and yet Joyce seems willing to sacrifice him for some unknowable reason.

    Only Sharpe will know why he thought Joyce was the best man for this job. I have to assume Joyce has ability, or else why would he have held his previous position at ManU? But after today, that is the ONLY reason why I have optimism for his tenure here.

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