Derby 1 Wigan Athletic 0 – the social media reaction

It was yet another away defeat, although with better finishing Latics could have won.

After the game Paul Cook commented: “We haven’t played as well as that away from home for a long time. And even the most biased person inside the ground would have to admit we certainly deserved something from the game.To come away from here with nothing is not right. If we’d come away with a draw, we’d have been thinking we deserved to win the game. But we never got nothing, and that’s football. Moments come and go in games that you’ve got to take if you are going to be successful. We had enough moments to ensure we won the game, and unfortunately we never took them.”

Let’s take a look at how fans reacted to the match through the message boards and social media.

Our thanks go to the Cockney Latic Forum, the Vital Wigan – Latics Speyk Forum and Twitter for providing the media for the posts below to happen. Thanks go to all whose contributions are identified below.

Jrfatfan on the Cockney Latic forum commented:

No negatives from me on that performance. We are finally looking like a team, players left everything on the pitch.
Creating chances to, one goal would have probably seen 2 or 3. Their man looked offside and in the goalies line of view for the goal.
I’m gutted for Cook and all the players.

The_Pon on the Latics Speyk Forum commented:

Should’ve won that. Had the better of the chances and again looked completely inept in front of goal. Williams Mom again, by a mile this time. After 90 minutes I still had no idea what the formation was but at least it wasn’t just a load of long balls. Team selection was again very odd, and the subs were far too late to make an impact. No specific criticism for Garner or Naismith though. They didn’t have time to even get properly warmed up. No points again against very weak opposition, again. How long does this have to go on before questions are asked of Cook at a higher level than us lot?


Mightytics on the Latics Speyk Forum commented:

Moore is starting to get frustrated , you can see it in his body language trying to close down 3 defenders on his own , his touch is very poor and for a target man he does not bring m,any players into the game to keep it flowing .With Mulgrew in we look solid and looked edgey when Kipre came on.  Lowe should of had a couple tonight and we should of been 3 up
From the first minute i saw Williams i said he was different class and now he is proving it , if i stood with Paul Cook all night he could not explain to me why Joffy was not introduced with 15 minutes to go , if he does not get game time soon he should tell his agent he wants to leave because we are going to ruin his career sitting such a talent on the bench then playing him in the 23s were he is far too good and will not test him.

Markgreen433  on the Latics Speyk Forum commented:

 Watched live and thought the midfield 3 were great. Williams stood out, but McLeod and Morsy were really solid. Good switching of play to the overlapping full backs. Moore worked hard, but not sure if he’s the answer for how we play at the moment, though he held the ball up well and tried to link up play. Not sure about Lowe, but wonder if he would be better through the middle, as Moore doesn’t seem to have the pace to trouble defences… Maybe Gelhardt should have had a chance tonight. Turning point for me was Mulgrew going off. Not blaming Kipre but he does slip a lot in the box. But we didn’t seem as organised towards the end.

King_dezeeuw06 on the Latics Speyk Forum commented:

Derby were diabolical and there for the taking – we keep coming across teams that are having off days and keep failing to capitalise on what should be gifted 3 points. When you are in the relegation dog fight like we are you can’t keep messing up those games without eventually paying the consequences.

We worked hard were the better team (it wasnt hard with how bad Derby were) , we created the better chances but looked like we lacked belief we could get a goal. I don’t think you can fault the effort from the lads but today was a golden opportunity and we missed our chances. Unlucky to lose like we did but also have only ourselves to blame for not putting Derby to the sword on the night long before the injury time goal.

We’ve had a decent amount of time to judge Moore now and Im sorry to say im really losing faith in him – he was terrible tonight. He’s a big physical presence no doubt but for his size he doesn’t win as much in the as you’d expect and gets pushed off the ball easier than you’d think. His movement off the ball has been bothering me but I put it down to a complete lack of service but he’s had a few decent crosses put into the box over last couple of games and he’s never anywhere near them. But what really concerned me wss when he has the ball at his feet he’s looks like a fish out of water. I was excited at getting him in but the more I’ve seen the more I think he’s not a Championship player unfortunately. He’s a physical presence we miss when he’s not on the pitch but I don’t think he’s the answer and neither is Garner. Compare him to Martin who came on for Derby and it was night and day comparing target men. We’d have been better bringing Leon Clarke back from what we’ve seen.

The away form is beyond doubt a physiological problem at this stage even sitting watching at no point did I fancy us to see it out no matter how Derby were struggling.

Disappointing again but not surprising in the least. We couldn’t ask for a more off form opposition than tonight – it was like Boro again and we still couldn’t win away. Cook clearly doesn’t have the answers to the away form. We are literally trying to stay up playing only half of the games the rest of the division play as you can virtually write off all away games as losses.


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That’s a criticism of myself and the players, because at 0-0 you’re always liable for a sucker-punch.

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